The ballots are closed and the votes are counted: Your votes have determined the 15 legal tech startups that will get to participate as finalists in the seventh-annual Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW 2023, taking place March 1-4 in Chicago.

The 15 finalists will face off in an opening night pitch competition that will is the opening event of this year’s TECHSHOW, with the conference’s attendees voting to pick the top winner. The first-place winner gets a package of marketing and advertising prizes.

In November, we issued a call for entries. From all the entries we received, a panel of judges narrowed the applications down to 40, which we posted on Jan. 23 for you, the readers, to select the final 15.

We received a total of 80,915 votes on 16,183 ballots. (Each ballot allowed up to five votes.)

Here are the winners in order of their vote tallies. (The descriptions were provided by each company.)

Congratulations to all the finalists. To those that did not make the cut, we hope to see you again next year.

1. Calloquy Platform

Calloquy is dedicated to making remote legal proceedings safe, secure, and efficient, both to reduce cost and risk for corporate litigants and to expand access to justice for underserved communities. Our all-in-one virtual litigation platform streamlines and professionalizes the process of conducting and managing remote and hybrid litigation. Users host meetings, mediations, and depositions that mimics real-life litigation scenarios and provides a level of security befitting legal proceedings.

2. LegalEase Citations

LegalEase Citations is a web app that helps lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals easily, quickly, and accurately create and format legal citations in legal-specific formats, like The Bluebook, for use in their legal writing. Users enter the source they’re citing into a form, and LegalEase Citation’s algorithm automatically applies the thousands of formatting rules and instantly outputs accurate legal citations.

3. Parrot

A verbatim, synced AI transcript 90 mins after a depo/EUO at no extra cost to our reporter’s appearance. We empower insurance carriers/firms to make decisions faster and more cost efficiently vs. long waits and thousands spent with traditional reporters. We built a free, cloud platform featuring clip cutting, instant depo confirmation, and smart search on past transcripts. Certified transcripts, if needed, are synced to the audio/video, for free. There are no videographer fees or other misc. charges.

4. Docgility

AI-powered Contract Acceleration Platform – 80% faster contract execution with improved compliance – supports review, redlining, collaboration, and negotiation of contracts (including third party/counter party contracts). Uses AI to deep dive on legal topics, compare contracts based on legal topics, and supports European and Asian languages.

5. Catylex Contract Analytics

For businesses that depend on contracts, Catylex Contract Analytics delivers quick answers without reading mountains of paper. Unlike others, we cover thousands of concepts out-of-the-box. Catylex users simply upload contract-related documents to a secure cloud application, and the system automatically extracts, tags and translates those documents into useful data that can be handed off to CLMs, or used to mitigate risk, revenue leakage, and legal fire drills.

6. Jurisage

We reduce mental stress and reclaim revenue loss caused by the multi-billion dollar “do I need to read this” problem. MyJr from Jurisage is a browser extension that works on any web page to improve your experience by delivering case law insights directly into your workflow. Stop opening new tabs for every cited authority and just hover over the citation to quickly understand cited cases without leaving your current page or breaking your flow. Focused intelligence for focused lawyers.

7. EsquireTek

EsquireTek brings ground-breaking automation software to the underserved written discovery process. For decades, discovery has been a manual and tedious task. What previously took hours can now be done within 60 seconds, freeing up valuable time and resources. Our sophisticated AI accurately scans and extracts an opposing counsel’s discovery request and creates a discovery response shell within 60-seconds. Rich, easy-to-use features allow attorneys and paralegals to quickly draft responses, add objections, text or email clients and obtain electronic signatures directly from our platform.

8. Universal Migrator

Universal Migrator makes changing practice/document management systems a breeze. It extracts data from 50+ systems into a universal database schema then pushes that data into your desired platform. Among the features that make us unique are LEDES standardized legal billing. We standardized legal migrations. Data migrations are traditionally hard because every system has a different database schema, API, and table structure. We ETL every system (even web/API-based systems) into a universal data model so every migration looks exactly the same.

9. CiteRight

CiteRight helps litigation teams save, organize, share, cite, and assemble case law — so they can draft faster and spend more time on what matters. CiteRight is the only tool that allows lawyers to save case law and automatically cite it inside Microsoft Word. Our insight is that legal citations are themselves a form of knowledge that can be reused up and down the legal research workflow. By leveraging the data our users generate, we help them build long-term value out of their work product, making it more useful for more people across the firm.

10. Fidu

We help legal teams ditch the billable hour for good in exchange for flat-fee and subscription legal services. Within Fidu, law firms transform their manual actions, disjointed processes, and document templates into one-to-many legal products, automated workflows, and collaborative legal projects. All of this is packaged and delivered to clients in a firm-branded portal that’s the hub for the firm’s client experience. With Fidu, legal teams stop selling time for money and start scaling impact.

11. DecisionVault

DecisionVault is an intake portal for attorneys that replaces the intake forms or fillable PDFs they’re currently using. It has a client-facing side – the portal, which makes it easy for clients to fill in an online questionnaire. Then on the backend, the attorney can review, use and export this information in several ways – and sync it over to their other legal tools through one of our many integrations.

12. CaseYak

CaseYak uses AI to generate motor vehicle accident claim value predictions. We currently use this to offer lead generation services to law firms, but we love the potential for other use cases. We answer the question found on so many attorney billboards: “What’s your case worth?”

13. Truve

Truve is a new, simple-to-use, first-of-its-kind law firm intelligence technology designed to help law firms structure and leverage their data. It’s the data hub, analytics, and productivity platform for the law firms of the future. We have uniquely created a Case Value Estimation AI tool looking over 100 data points to understand key factors impacting the value of the cases. We then use this information to maximize case values.

14. Case Chronology

We are the legal gold standard for chronologies. Case Chronology is a patented browser-based software platform that is an efficient, effective way to build, analyze, prepare, and present your case. Case Chronology software allows users to work on a page once while automatically generating reports, search features, duplicate detection, analysis filters, interactive calendars, and timelines. Our patented technology overcomes inherent issues working with documents and PDF’s that interfere with making chronologies Secure, Scalable, Dynamic, and all in one place. Case Chronology is trial tested.

15. 10BE5

Our award-winning platform automates capital markets disclosures drafting, and related diligence processes, for companies and their advisors. The range of techniques we use include data analytics and natural language processing. We are legal and tech experts and build our products with input from top law firms (formal partners include Cleary Gottlieb and Vinge). Since 2021, our solutions have been used on some 50 equity and debt transactions worth billions of dollars by a dozen of Am Law 100.

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Bob is a lawyer, veteran legal journalist, and award-winning blogger and podcaster. In 2011, he was named to the inaugural Fastcase 50, honoring “the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries and leaders.” Earlier in his career, he was editor-in-chief of several legal publications, including The National Law Journal, and editorial director of ALM’s Litigation Services Division.