How It Works


Barely a day goes by that we at LawSites are not sitting down with the developer of a legal tech product for a demonstration of how it works.

We find these demonstrations enormously helpful in understanding what a product does, how easy it is to use, and why lawyers would want it in their practices.

You know the saying: A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Knowing how useful these demos can be in evaluating a product, we offer How It Works, a series of short, sponsored videos in which companies provide hands-on product demos.

Differentiating these from the demos a company might have on its site is that LawSites publisher Bob Ambrogi is there during the demo, asking the questions you would ask.

To find out out to feature your product on How it Works, contact us here.

How It Works: A Demonstration Of Prokurio, The IP Financial Platform Designed To Enable Businesses To Take Control Of Their IP Costs


In this episode of our video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of Prokurio, whose mission is to make it radically easier for businesses to take control of their intellectual property spending.

Prokurio’s SaaS platform helps companies uncover and eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in excessive IP costs and automates complex…

How It Works: ImageRights for Law Firms, Helping Lawyers Protect Clients’ Copyrights


In the latest installment in our continuing video series How It Works, we get a demonstration of ImageRights for Law Firms, a recently launched technology that enables attorneys to directly track use of their own clients’ copyrighted works and then compile and assess any resulting infringement claims through the ImageRights’ cloud-based platform.

With automated evidence…

How It Works: VitalLaw, Wolters Kluwer’s Intuitive Research Platform


On this episode of the video series How It Works: Wolters Kluwer’s VitalLaw, the intuitive legal research platform powered by Wolters Kluwer’s world-class analysis.

Introduced in October as an enhanced and rebranded version of the Cheetah research platform, with intuitive tools, new content, and seamless workflow integration, VitalLaw now also includes a free, public-facing…

How It Works: Agiloft’s Just-Released ‘Connected Experiences’ Extends CLM Across the Enterprise


On the latest installment of How It Works: Breaking news from the contract lifecycle management company Agiloft, which today announced its 2021 winter release, featuring new Connected Experiences for easier enterprise integration, enabling teams to collaborate on contracts within established applications and ecosystems.

Joining me today to provide an overview of Connected Experiences and…