WordRake Releases Version 4.0 of its Legal Editing Software, Including New ‘Simplicity’ Mode for Simplifying Complex Language and New Pricing


The legal editing software WordRake is today releasing a new version 4.0 that expands its functionality, adds new pricing options for less-frequent users, and introduces a new Simplicity editing mode for simplifying complex language.

WordRake President Scott Johns calls this a “massive update” in which WordRake has “expanded functionality, dramatically increased editing algorithm…

Comprehensive Study of Regulatory Reform Finds It Is Driving ‘Substantial Innovation’ In Legal Services Delivery with No Harm to Consumers


A Stanford Law School study published today of regulatory reforms in Utah and Arizona finds that they are “spurring substantial innovation,” that they are critical to serving lower-income populations, and that they do not pose any substantial risk of consumer harm.

“The evidence gathered in this report shows that rule reforms can spur significant innovation,…