Mixed Messages from the ABA, As It ‘Reaffirms’ Rule Against Nonlawyer Ownership while also Encouraging Innovation


As states seek to find innovative ways to address the access-to-justice crisis, a key component has been eliminating or loosening the prohibition on non-lawyer ownership of law firms. Two years ago, Arizona became the first state to completely eliminate the prohibition. Just two weeks earlier, Utah had approved sweeping changes in legal services

New York Becomes First State to Mandate CLE in Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection


New York has become the first U.S. state to mandate that attorneys take continuing legal education courses in cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.

Under the new requirement, all attorneys must complete one hour of training every two years in either the ethical obligations surrounding cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, or in the technological and practice-related…

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Gets A Bobblehead


Ketanji Brown Jackson has made it to the pinnacle of the legal profession, not only becoming an associate justice of the Supreme Court with her swearing in June 30, but also as the first Black woman to sit on the court.

But, let’s face it, no Supreme Court justice has fully made it until they…