Startup Alley: Calloquy Platform


Calloquy Platform

Elevator Pitch: Calloquy is dedicated to making remote legal proceedings safe, secure, and efficient, both to reduce cost and risk for corporate litigants and to expand access to justice for underserved communities. Our all-in-one virtual litigation platform streamlines and professionalizes the process of conducting and managing remote and hybrid litigation. Users host meetings, mediations, and depositions that mimics real-life litigation scenarios and provides a level of security befitting legal proceedings.

What makes you unique or innovative?

Our platform is the only remote litigation platform intentionally designed for litigation teams to use through a case’s life cycle. We provide features that protect attorney-client privilege and provide added security to sensitive proceedings. The platform is built to host the entire process, providing robust management and archiving tools necessary to successfully execute litigation.

As a PBC, we have a social mission to leverage technology to improve access to justice.

What problem do you solve? The pandemic revealed the substantial benefits that virtual proceedings provide, such as reduced costs, improved lawyer wellbeing, and enhanced access to representation and justice. However, the cobbled-together and hastily implemented mass-market virtual tools that sprung up during the pandemic were fine in a pinch but have proven insufficient for the critical task of managing litigation. This is why Calloquy has designed a platform, made specifically for the legal environment, that adequately meets security, ease of use, and affordability needs.

Your competitors? Veritext, US Legal, Esquire, Planet Depos

Demo video:

Founded: 10/15/2021, Atlanta, GA

Target customer. Am Law 200 litigators and their teams; Fortune 1,000 in-house legal departments; legal service organizations and pro bono lawyers (platform provided at no cost).

Price. There are two services in our offerings. On is a case-based subscription model which costs roughly $50 per month per case for use of the platform. The other is court reporting services, which include a certified stenographer, real time transcription, video and exhibit management services as well as 7-day standard turnaround time for final transcripts. Our model for this service is based on a flat rate whether a deposition is a full day ($5,000), 1/2 day ($2,500) or 2 hours ($1,400).

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? No answer.

Number of users/paying customers? 101 – 1,000/< 20

Traction to date. In the second half of 2022 we were in beta with an Am Law 100 firm as well as two pro bono legal service organizations. During this period, our beta testers stress tested the platform and provided feedback on features and benefits, some of which are being added to the go to market release.

As 2023, begins we are fully ramping our sales efforts in the Am Law 200 space. These firms represent our user base: litigators and their teams, including paralegals, legal assistants and other firm related roles. While cases are led by litigation partners, some of our most important constituents are the paralegals and associates who are often responsible for the day-to-day management of case logistics like document management and the booking of deposition services.

We also see corporate legal departments with high litigation volume as a critical audience. Especially as they experience more cost pressure in a bear market, we expect GCs and their staff to recognize the efficiencies that virtual proceedings provide, both for themselves and as part of their cost containment strategy with outside counsel.

Plan for growth over next five years. Over the next five years we will continue to grow from our initial base of Am Law 200 firms in the U.S. First, we will continue to ideate with these firms so we can meet their needs wherever they are. Second, as we continue to expand our offerings we will move down in the market to medium to large firms and boutiques that have an emphasis on litigation. Third, as the platform continues to grow, we will look to expand through the courthouse steps and work to become the premiere virtual litigation tool not only for meetings and depositions, but throughout the U.S. court system. Finally, this is just the start of helping shape the “Next Era of Litigation.” We will continue to work with our partners and clients to deliver a host of services that will help redefine what litigation looks like – and enable more people to fully and fairly participate in the legal system.

Outside funding. No outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. One of our primary objectives is to create more equal access to the justice system, and we foster a culture that is inclusive and supports all team members in achieving their professional goals. We value our customers and treat our colleagues with respect.

At the core of Calloquy are our values. One of those values is Dignity for All, which we define as “diversity, inclusion, and belonging.” Calloquy is comprised of team members that span the gamut of inclusivity and identity, and we will continue to strive to attract and hire the best. This is the key to our success.