In Los Angeles, Bet Tzedek’s New Online Legal Clinic Helps Pro Se People with Conservatorships


In Los Angeles, the legal services organization Bet Tzedek has long run regular in-person legal clinics designed to help self-represented individuals better understand and navigate the sometimes complex process of conservatorship, by which a court appoints a person to manage the personal and financial affairs of someone who cannot make decisions for themself because…

ILTA Honors Five Influential Women of Legal Tech


A bit late with this, as it was announced earlier this week, but the International Legal Technology Association, in celebration of Women’s History Month, has named five women as its 2024 Influential Women in Legal Tech.

The list recognizes outstanding women leaders in the global legal technology community based on their mentorship history and level of…

Legal Tech Startup Can Now Draft the Complaint for Your Lawsuit

By, a legal technology startup that uses artificial intelligence to generate litigation documents, has added a new module that will draft the complaint to initiate a lawsuit.

While already had modules for litigation tasks such as answering a lawsuit, responding to discovery, and pulling summaries from medical records, this new module allows a…