PacerPro’s Expansion into Delaware Has Particular Value for Pro Hac Vice Counsel


The Delaware court system is recognized throughout the legal profession as a leading forum for the litigation of business and commercial disputes. But for out-of-state attorneys, Delaware presents unique procedural hurdles, including that all electronic case filings must be done by local counsel licensed in Delaware, and that any electronic notices of filings

ILTA Webinar Tomorrow: Breaking Down the Black Box of Litigation Analytics


Litigation analytics is a rapidly growing area of legal technology, promising lawyers valuable insights into courts, judges, opposing counsel and parties. But these products are not created equal. Their results can vary widely depending on the sources and quality of data they use and the types of analytics they provide.

I wrote about this last…

Another Side to the #gagtheswag Campaign


You may have heard about #gagtheswag, the campaign to limit or prohibit all that cheap swag given away at legal conferences.

The idea is to encourage vendors and conference organizers to either ban conference swag or provide only swag that is 100 percent recyclable.

Frank Ready reported on the campaign Friday at Legaltech News and Richard…