The practice management company CosmoLex has added a new client relationship management module to its all-in-one platform with the release of CosmoLex CRM.

The new CRM module is designed to enable law firms to manage, track, and communicate with prospective clients; automate intake workflows; and provide reporting to help better analyze marketing campaigns.

The module includes features such as direct text and video messaging with prospective clients, the ability to send e-signature requests via text and email, and the ability to automate and customize lead-management workflows.

When leads convert to clients, all of the contact and matter information and documents they have provided are carried over into the practice management system, together with any notes and communication records.

The CRM module requires an additional subscription beyond the monthly cost of the practice management platform, but not all users in a firm are likely to need the CRM module.

Manage and Message Leads

On Friday, Erica Birstler, vice president, product communications, at CosmoLex, walked me through a demonstration of the new module.

For those who purchase the module, it appears directly with the CosmoLex application as a dashboard where users can manage all leads and access all the module’s features.

An inbox shows all leads. Click on any one to see all information that has been collected.

Within the module, an inbox shows a list of all leads. Click on any one to see all the information that has been or could be collected about the lead, including information such as case type, marketing source or ad campaign, and status.

See all information collected about a lead.

Other features within the module include:

Text and video messaging. Send personalized text and video messages to any client or prospect. This includes the ability to send e-signature requests via text. Text messaging is currently available only within the CRM module, but CosmoLex plans to soon add it within the practice management platform as well.

Build custom intake forms for different types of cases.

Customized online intake forms. Users can build intake forms for any practice area or case type with custom fields and branding. This includes the ability to use conditional formatting, so that an answer can trigger additional fields. The conditional fields can also be used to trigger actions, such as to trigger a rejection email if an answer disqualifies a lead.

Documents and signatures. Documents such as retainer agreements can be send directly from the module for signatures and then are securely stored within CosmoLex. If the lead converts to a client, any documents stored within the CRM module are automatically moved over to CosmoLex, as well as to any other integrated document storage system, such as OneDrive or Google Drive.

Create automated campaign workflows.

Automated workflows. Created automated marketing workflows. This includes the ability to set key dates and events for specific types of cases or for all cases. For example, the automation could say that when a case status changes in a certain way, a specific email is sent to the client.

Choose fields to build custom reports.

Standard and custom reports. Track contacts and conversions and view reports of productivity, case metrics and other information. CosmoLex CRM comes with more than a dozen built-in reports, such as intake performance, lead conversions, marketing sources ROI, and call volume. But customers can also create custom reports simply by picking and choosing from among available fields.

Text messaging campaigns. Build text message campaigns that can be sent to multiple recipients.

Email drip campaigns. Create automated email drip campaigns that send personalized messages to multiple contacts.

The per-user cost of the CRM module is $49 a month if purchased annually or $59 monthly, with a three-user minimum required (so a total of $147 if annual and $177 if monthly). As noted above, not everyone in a firm will need access to the CRM module, so if a firm has, say, 10 CosmoLex users, maybe only three need access to CRM.

This cost is on top of the CosmoLex subscription, which is $89 a month if purchased annually or $99 monthly.

CosmoLex is an all-in-one practice management platform that includes business and trust accounting, billing and payments, and file sharing and e-signatures, along with standard practice management features for managing matters and documents.

It is owned by ProfitSolv, which also owns the legal and accounting practice management products Rocket MatterTabs3TimeSolv and Mango.

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