Here are 19 additions to my list of legal startups. This brings the list to 632 entries. Send additions and updates to To read more about this list and why I created it, see this post.

Company Description Country
Crusoe Crusoe is a note-taking Evernote app for researchers, writers, students, professionals, and thoughtful readers that not only lets you create two-way links between notes, but actually lets you navigate your notes along these connection-pathways.  In Crusoe, you can never lose your train of thought because that’s exactly what Crusoe saves. US
BinaDox Binadox helps you track and manage software license compliance and usage to avoid costly violations and optimize software costs and utilization efficiency. US
Dragon Law Cloud software for legal and business documents, enabling fast production of custom documentation Hong Kong
Intraspexion Intraspexion uses a Deep Learning algorithm to act as an early warning system, alerting corporate counsel to internal litigation risks in near real time. US
JuriBot Artificial intelligence application to predict criminal trial outcomes. Netherlands
Juro Turbocharge your sales paperwork. Create, sign and track beautiful contracts in a matter of seconds. UK
Justice Toolbox Website uses data mined from official state court records to compute and display how many cases a lawyer has won and lost and the lawyer’s approximate win rate US
Justly Standardize legal business operations. Our analytics make legal spend more predictable and legal budgets more accurate. US
LawTova Hire freelance legal professionals and also use its platform to manage cases. US
Legably Attorneys use Legably to find flexible employment, project-by-project and client-by-client. US is the easiest way for attorneys to provide virtual consultations online. Our service includes video calling, real-time document sharing and fee payment, and much more – all in a streamlined package delivered through your desktop web browser (and mobile apps coming soon). US
Legalinc We completely automated and streamlined the business formation process to help save you time and money. Entity Management, Registered Agent, and Compliance all accessible through one online dashboard. US
Lexikin Your assets, securely recorded. Keep track of everything important throughout your life and ensure those precious things are left to the people who matter. UK A web platform that allows any user (natural or legal person) to select a lawyer through a tender procedure. The user receives, free of charge, within three days, all anonymized flat-rate offers issued by registered lawyers. France  The single credible source for communities, corporate and government legal departments  to locate diverse lawyers. US
Patent Action Forecast Completely understand your patent dispute before you pay a settlement, hire an expensive lawyer or compromise your case. US
ReplyToSome A Microsoft Outlook Add-In designed to prevent lawyers and other professionals from accidentally emailing the wrong people. US
Statera Legal Provides virtual legal support services to law firms and legal practitioners in New Zealand. New Zealand
TagDox TagDox makes Document Analysis easy, precise and fast by optimizing the process through cutting edge machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. UK
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