whitepapers-overcome-skills-shortage-300x250Finding the right staff for your law firm is no easy task. Today, technology can provide innovative and entrepreneurial practice management solutions that will allow your firm to grow and flourish for years to come.

Many firms are struggling to employ great people. Are any of these staffing issues facing your firm?

  • Lack of quality legal support staff, including bookkeepers and secretaries.
  • Shortage of graduates and legal secretaries in rural areas.

Added to these challenges, far more lawyers are starting their own law firms than ever before. With more firms comes more competition. Your small firm is fighting for already scarce staff and support.

How can you overcome these difficult skills shortages? The answer is technology.

With great legal technology you can do more work with the same number of people. Invest in good technology that can allow your firm to operate without servers and with complete mobility.  

Mobility and flexibility are key to attracting the best people today. No longer does a lawyer in your firm need to be tied to their desk. Flexibility allows you to attract not only young lawyers, but also more experienced senior lawyers who may be semi-retired. Your firm gains their knowledge and experience, and they gain additional income. You can also offer working mothers more flexibility to work around the demands that come with children. Because staff can work form anywhere, you can add to your firm’s revenue stream without the cost overheads of additional office space!

Cloud technology also allows your secretarial and support staff to operate without constant supervision. If everyone works within the same practice management system, all staff can work together hassle-free and efficiently, regardless of where they are.

A cloud legal practice management system can also help you find a legal bookkeeper. Software like this has reduced the need for full-time bookkeepers. It also makes it simple for staff to efficiently record all activities and for you to monitor what is being done within the firm.

With legal technology, growth opportunities are no longer limited by geography. When staff can work from anywhere, you reduce or eliminate costs for office space and unproductive time spent commuting. This is a revolution. Overcome whatever the skills shortage throws at you with great new technology and imaginative employment approaches.

To learn more, download the whitepaper, Overcoming the Skills Shortage.