Startup Alley: Streamline AI

Streamline AI

Elevator Pitch: Streamline AI is an intelligent intake and workflows system, purpose built for corporate legal teams to:

  • Collect and organize all legal requests via configurable intake forms + email, Slack, and Salesforce
  • Automate assignment, approvals, and workflows.
  • Provide real-time visibility and collaboration for business + legal.
  • Track key metrics (request volume, SLAs, and much more) to demonstrate the legal team’s value and justify new hires over time.

What makes you unique or innovative? Our founder has had deep experience operating in-house — she led commercial legal and legal ops of a major tech company, which means that we have architected our product from the ground up based on what legal teams truly need to be more effective. For example, we have a workflow builder that is truly no-code and based on a rules engine — and allows a wide range of legal processes to be automated — that our customers love because it puts them in the driver’s seat. We are also leveraging AI to cut down on the amount of manual work that legal teams are doing to triage and work on requests. Our AI module can auto-triage requests to the legal team after learning how the legal team triages by matter type, and identify duplicates.

What problem do you solve? The legal team being a “black box” to the rest of the business. Without an intake tool, the corporate legal team is inundated with requests and escalations, receiving information piecemeal, which leads to missed deadlines and lost documents. They waste precious time babysitting requests. Often the sales team unfairly labels the legal team as a “blocker” and without metrics, the legal team cannot divorce perception from reality. Our product provides organization, transparency, workflow automation, and metrics.

Your competitors? N/A.

Demo video:

Founded: 4/28/2020, Millbrae, CA

Target customer. Corporate legal departments – from solo GCs to mature legal teams of public companies. Examples of paying customers include Logitech, Affirm, Branch Metrics, Helix, and Pantheon.

Price.  We price based on legal user seats. There’s a platform fee and a bundled business user fee. For a mid-market business, the cost is typically between $15k – $40k.

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? Less than $1M/$1M – $5M

Number of users/paying customers?      1,001 – 10,000/< 20

Traction to date. We currently have over $300K ARR, we have our first group of customers, including Logitech, Branch Metrics, VSCO, Pantheon and others. Our customers are currently heavily using our product to manage their intake; around 50% have expanded their original purchase or are in the process of expanding their original subscription, and multiple customers are signing onto multi-year deals. Our customers range from solo GCs all the way to public company legal departments.

Plan for growth over next five years. N/A.

Outside funding. $1M – $5M in outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. Both of our co-founders are from non-traditional backgrounds. Our CEO is a woman of color, and our CTO is biracial.