Startup Alley: Pre/Dicta


Elevator Pitch: Pre/Dicta tells you in three seconds whether your judge will dismiss your case. And all you need is your case number. Our predictions on cases in federal court are accurate 85% of the time and have been tested on over 50,000 motions to dismiss. No other technology can do this.

What makes you unique or innovative? Rather than giving attorneys reams of data and statistics and burdening them to spend time interpreting them and determining, what, if any are relevant, we provide instant predictions based on just the case number. Our algorithms objectively identify the biographical information that influences a particular judge’s decision and leverages it to predict whether a case will survive a motion to dismiss and when the judge will issue their ruling.

What problem do you solve? While lawyers can assess the strength of their legal arguments, they cannot evaluate how what exactly will influence their judge’s decision. Will the judge be less sympathetic to a corporate party? Will he or she favor an attorney that went to the same law school? Lawyers and their clients are left to guess their judge’s biases with little or no actual data behind their analyses, and certainly no objective validation.

Pre/Dicta analysis allows lawyers to use big data to help counsel their clients with advice backed by data, not just intuition or relationships. No data analysis is necessary, and no tool is easier to use.

Having an immediate, accurate prediction about whether the judge will dismiss the case is game-changing for litigators and their clients. With hard data, they can make decisions around whether to budget and plan for discovery, decide whether to try or settle a matter, negotiate more favorable settlements, make a more informed judgment on whether to pursue a motion to dismiss, better understand venue implications, provide data-enhanced advice, and ultimately make the litigation process more efficient and less risky for clients.

Your competitors? We have no competitors. While some might consider Lex Machina, Westlaw Edge or Trellis to be competitive, those solutions only provide backward-looking data that details past occurrences. They do not and cannot make predictions. These products leave it to the user to extrapolate lessons and determine how those might be applied to future rulings, even though, as any investment advisor will tell you, past performance is not a predictor of future decisions. Pre/Dicta’s unique approach of judicial evaluation enables actual predictions that have been tested and verified over 50,000 motions.

Demo video:

Founded: June 2022, Silver Spring, Md.

Target customer. Large firm litigators, law department litigators, plaintiffs’ firms, litigation funders.

Price. Our annual subscription price for 50 cases is $1,800 per case.

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? $0/$1m-$5m.

Number of users/paying customers? 0/0

Traction to date. While we are still pre-revenue, we have gained substantial traction from plaintiffs’ and defense firms, litigation funders and insurance companies. We expect to start closing deals in Q1.

Plan for growth over next five years. We plan to grow both organically and by acquisition. In fact, we will be announcing a major acquisition next week. (Editor’s note: The acquisition has now happened.)

Our business development strategy is to leverage our data and ability to analyze it in ways that make lawyers realize what they don’t know, and in fact, cannot figure out on their own. We plan direct outreach, as well as publicly available content that assesses judges’ biases and makes predictions about high-profile cases.

Our goal over the next five years is to make Pre/Dicta a de facto tool for litigation teams as part of their case analysis.

In terms of our roadmap, our tool for predicting motions to dismiss in federal court is commercially available. Our roadmap includes tools for predicting motions to dismiss in state courts (starting in 2023) and for predicting motions for summary judgments in both state and federal court.

Outside funding. No outside funding.

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. Though our US operation is currently small, many of our data scientists and support staff are located in Israel. Going forward, Pre/Dicta has diversity, equity and inclusion as a pillar of our strategic growth plan.