Startup Alley: LegalType


Elevator Pitch: LegalType is the world’s first adaptable SMART keyboard for lawyers and law students. It is also the World’s first highly customizable keyboard that eliminates repetitive tasks and is compatible with most European languages. Unlike existing legal keyboards, LegalType is available both as a programmable mechanical keyboard and as a software-only solution. We facilitate document assembly and automation, thereby delivering significant savings of time and money.

What makes you unique or innovative? Our first-to-market features include shortcuts for Word and Outlook, Unicode symbols (i.e., § ¶ Δ π © ® ™) and international and crypto currency symbols (i.e., ¥ € £ Ξ ₿). Our programmable firmware keyboard delivers automation in a few key presses. We add a layer of functionality to the keyboard without overriding the user’s default settings, which also makes it compatible with international keyboards. Lawyers have achieved improved efficiency, accuracy and savings with our innovative solution.

What problem do you solve? We deliver 20% savings on time, which translates to an excess of $100,000 per year for the average lawyer. Lawyers type three hours a day with keyboards that cost $5 or less. We provide a solution that is healthier and will ensure wrist integrity in the long term. And finally, we also provide ease and free time to lawyers. After all, who wants to spend extra time corresponding and redlining contracts?

Your competitors? LegalBoard.

Demo video:

Founded: 1/1/2013, Santa Clara, California

Target customer. Small firm, large firm, law students.

Price.  $155 keyboard, $1.99 keyboard driver, $46.75 keycap set, $1,500 implementation plan for software customization (does not include design fee for custom keycap printing).

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? N/A.

Number of users/paying customers? N/A.

Traction to date. N/A.

Plan for growth over next five years. Our strategy for scaling is to present at conferences, build an influencer army, and offer a strong referral program. We plan to become the keyboard of choice for small and large law firms. To do so we will execute a strong enterprise sales strategy with VIP customer service. We are launching an effective digital marketing campaign that includes LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. We have already kicked off our PR strategy and were covered by Robert Ambrogi:

In addition, we plan to expand to global markets. LegalType’s unique software design makes it compatible with the French and Belgian AZERTY layouts, as well as with the German QWERTZ keyboard, etc. Our approach to enterprise sales includes customization for law firms in the form of custom keycap printing and software customization as-a-service.”

Outside funding. N/A

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. Our company is woman and minority owned and benefits society by donating to We are especially focused on donating healthy food to youths exiting the foster care system.