Startup Alley: Formally


Elevator Pitch: Formally is a platform for legal collaboration and data-sharing that enables the legal experience of the future. We leverage artificial intelligence, behavioral science, and delightful user experience design to create a whole new category of legal tech. Our product simplifies the US Immigration process by letting clients collaborate directly with their immigration attorneys to accelerate their applications, track their cases and reduce anxiety, all while maintaining ownership of their own data.

What makes you unique or innovative? We combine the best aspects of consumer-facing products with powerful enterprise tools for attorneys to create seamless collaboration software. Where there would otherwise be dense, legalese-filled paper forms, we give clients a simple interface that auto-fills basic information, explains complex terms, and allows for quick feedback from lawyers. This saves attorneys dozens of hours on each case by automating grunt-work, and we work with top international employers, such as CommVault, to save in-house team millions of dollars in external legal fees.

What problem do you solve? Traditionally, the immigration process is a black box that is stressful for applicants and time-consuming for attorneys. Attorneys waste valuable time filling out redundant and simple information — time that they would rather use to do what they do best: giving their clients legal advice. Applicants often wait for weeks on each iteration on their application, creating anxiety and drawing out the process. HR professionals who want to sponsor visas don’t know how to navigate the US immigration system, which makes it difficult for them to enable their companies to hire top international talent.

Formally breaks down the barriers to attorney-client collaboration by enabling them to collaborate, enter data, comment and revise the application, all within a simple, intelligent and beautifully designed web experience. We enable companies to easily onboard international employees by integrating HR, in-house legal teams and a marketplace of top immigration attorneys to streamline the professional immigration process.

Your competitors? N/A.

Demo video: N/A.

Founded: 2/19/2019, Palo Alto, CA

Target customer. Our target customers are medium-large immigration law firms as well as in-house legal departments at large companies.

Price. N/A.

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? N/A.

Number of users/paying customers? N/A.

Traction to date. N/A.

Plan for growth over next five years. N/A.

Outside funding. $1M – $5M in outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. Formally is female immigrant lead and founded. Only 2.4% of venture capital goes to female-founded companies. This number is even smaller in the legal tech space. Simplifying U.S. immigration helps companies unlock and hire more diverse talent. We also donate Formally’s software to any non-profit organization that provides legal services to asylum seekers and refugees.