Startup Alley: eSumry


Elevator Pitch: We focus on litigation innovation. eSumry speeds the job of reviewing and analyzing deposition transcripts with AI. Forget old-school word indexes with our patent-pending ML-powered aspect identification. Create deposition digests without the hassle of switching documents, typing page/line numbers, or opening and closing text boxes. Easily export the summary to MS Word for the case file. All in a user-friendly interface. Faster, better summaries to keep your cases on track.

What makes you unique or innovative? We combine artificial intelligence with legal subject matter expertise to enable innovative solutions. Our CEO, a busy trial attorney, saw the need to bring technology to the guild. Our vision, help litigators focus on higher value work by streamlining more tedious tasks. We started with depositions. That’s where the most valuable case information is. Reviewing & summarizing depositions is critical yet a tedious case task. We improved the process with a product that speeds the job, saving time.

What problem do you solve? Depositions are essential for case development. Summarizing them for motions, trial, and client reporting is time consuming. eSumry’s patent-pending AI highlights key aspects of witness testimony to speed up this job, freeing attorneys and paralegals for higher value work. It eliminates having to switch between documents when summarizing. No more typing in page/line numbers, jumping from the keyboard to scrolling and clicking a mouse. It has been trained for injury litigation to identify testimony relating to issues such as liability, damages, and medical treatment. Our roadmap is to train the AI for other types of litigation.

Your competitors? The status quo is attorneys and paralegals using document tools (MS Word, Excel) to type deposition summaries. (This work can be outsourced to ALSPs and other third parties such as Axiom, Trivent Legal, and Absolaw.) Case management products like Lexis TextMap allow annotating and exporting annotations.

Demo video:

Founded: 1/1/2018, Norfolk, VA

Target customer. All litigation attorneys would improve their workflow and efficiency in deposition review and analysis.

Price. Solo: $15/month, 1 user, 10 depositions per month. Team: $50/month, 5 users, 50 depositions per month. Enterprise: call for pricing.

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? 0/Less than $1M

Number of users/paying customers? < 100/0

Traction to date. We offered a beta version in Q4 2022 and have about 10 users. We are beginning our marketing towards paralegals, court reporting companies and attorneys.

Plan for growth over next five years. We are now setting up online payments. We are working on channel partnerships with court reporting companies to include our product as part of the transcript bundle. Our roadmap is to train/extend our patent-pending AI to contract cases and other types of non-injury litigation.

Outside funding. Less than $1M in outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. Our company is very small, but we recognize the importance of diversity and how that brings a wealth of knowledge to a company. We have varying ages on our team of 4 from age 40 to 65, a Veteran, a Woman, and an Asian American. We enjoy learning from one another and depending on each other for our varying gifts and talents.