Startup Alley: Disputec Peace Machine

Disputec Peace Machine

Elevator Pitch: Disputec LTD is an Israeli company implementing the Binary Resolution Model (BRM) in online apps and websites. The BRM process will help you to resolve any kind of conflict: decision making, dispute resolution, building a real-time “Collective-Will” for communities.

How it works:

  • Agree to negotiate a resolution.
  • Draft your point by yes/no questions.
  • Answer others’ questions yes or no
  • Explain disagreements the same way (back to stage 2)
  • End discussion when you have nothing more to explain.

What makes you unique or innovative? We don’t want to change the law. We want to build a new common law of communities from the ground up guided by the community’s own collective-will, as discovered by the BRM. The real law makers will have to adjust.

What problem do you solve? The Principal-Anent problem. like the one you have now when you must decide for others what is best for them.

Your competitors? Aragon, Kleros.

Demo video:

Founded: 5/12/2019, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Target customer. Any lawyer that deals with conflicts, disputes or communities advisory.

Price. Free for trial. Users pay monthly fees for minimum period according to the adjustments needed to personalize the app.

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? Less than $1M/Less than $1M

Number of users/paying customers? 101-1,000/100-200

Traction to date. The model is implemented in several small discussion groups and 2 small labor unions one is 40 members and the other is 250 members. implementation of the BRM is still in tests. we are negotiating now with a large labor union (150,000 members)

Plan for growth over next five years. 1. Global marketing and accessible interface. 2.  Test legal clients in Europe USA and Asia. 3. Regulation adjustments. 4. Operational adjustments for large scale operation. 5.  BRM is a global language for conflict resolution and communities governance

Outside funding. Less than $1M in outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. Some of our stuff has different cultures, religions, and countries. The main obstacle for diversity is the principal agent problem – we resolve that (like any other conflict).