Startup Alley: CaseUp


Elevator Pitch: CaseUp provides a faster and easier way to share exhibits in remote depositions. With one click, lawyers can securely send files to a shared exhibit portal where all participants are updated instantly. In the background, the system marks the exhibits, appropriately updates filenames, applies electronic stamps, and organizes your files. This helps avoid mistakes and delays in the deposition and by speeding up the process, effectively gives lawyers more time on the record to ask questions.

What makes you unique or innovative? CaseUp is uniquely focused on speed and ease-of-use, and is the first platform that provides a true single-click workflow for introducing and stamping exhibits in remote depositions. CaseUp also uniquely supports continuous numbering by analyzing files and appropriately marking the exhibits based on whether they are a new or previously marked. CaseUp is also the only platform that reduces friction for users with the option for a dedicated portal link (with embedded passcode) for each deposition.

What problem do you solve? In a traditional deposition setting, lawyers can easily exchange exhibits in person. But with remote depositions becoming the norm (70% of depositions were remote in 2022, despite the easing of COVID restrictions), the exhibit sharing process can be much more tedious and error prone.

Without adequate tools, lawyers in remote depositions often upload exhibits to the Zoom chat one at a time, which can lead to delays and errors, resulting in the loss of time on the record to ask more questions of the witness. Or worse, some lawyers may even opt to show opposing counsel all their potential documents in advance of the deposition. This leads to over-disclosure of records that may not even end up being shown to the witness.

CaseUp addresses these issues by allowing lawyers, paralegals, or court reporting staff, to effortlessly introduce exhibits during the deposition with just one click. Our platform provides for rapid transfer of documents between counsel and witness, with little lag, even for large files. This creates a more efficient and seamless process, and helps to replicate the speed and accuracy of exhibit exchange that is typically experienced in in-person depositions.

Your competitors? N/A.

Demo video:

Founded: 6/1/2020, Los Angeles

Target customer. The target customers are litigators and law firms of all sizes, as well as solo attorneys. The platform will also be offered to partner court reporting agencies as an add-on technology offering to help support and improve the quality of their services in delivering remote depositions to law firms.

Price. Law firms will play a usage-based model with monthly subscriptions that bundle in a certain number of depositions per month, along with unlimited users and storage. For court reporting firms servicing their law firm customers, the service will be priced on a per deposition usage model.

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? N/A.

Number of users/paying customers? N/A.

Traction to date. CaseUp has been used by a wide range of attorneys, law firms (from solos to large Am Law firms), at dozens of firms, on several hundred depositions to date.

CaseUp is currently self funded, in part through revenue from the provision of deposition services through our sister company, DepoEdge (which has served as an excellent test bed for continuous improvement of the software).

The feedback from our customers, court reporters and videographers has been overwhelmingly positive. After iterating the feature set directly in response to the needs of these depositions, we plan to offer the platform to the broader market in 2023.

Plan for growth over next five years. In 2023 we plan to invest in sales and marketing, and go to market, selling to both court reporting agency partners, as well as law firms, while continuing to innovate on the product, with features designed to further reduce friction around exhibit sharing. Based on further traction, and the market response, we will then potentially seek outside funding to ramp up our adoption in the market.

Outside funding. No outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. CaseUp is committed to hiring the best employees in the world, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.