The Five Legal Tech Themes I Took Away from #ILTACON22


I spent last week at ILTACON, the annual convention of the International Legal Technology Association. With nearly 3,000 attendees, it was the third largest ILTACON ever – a particularly significant stat given that we have yet to fully emerge from three years in the grips of the global pandemic.

ILTACON is an opportunity for legal…

Wolters Kluwer’s Almanac of the Federal Judiciary Now Includes Access to Judges’ Profiles and Reviews from Courtroom Insight


The Almanac of the Federal Judiciary is a publication that provides biographic profiles and financial disclosure information for every federal judge, including those sitting on the Supreme Court, Appellate Courts, Districts Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, and Specialized Courts.

Now, the Almanac’s publisher, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S., is partnering with the company

Integration Between Docket Alarm and Courtroom Insight Connects 500M Litigation Documents to Judge and Expert Witness Profiles


A new integration between two litigation-focused legal technology products connects more than 500 million federal and state litigation dockets and documents with a database of expert witness and judicial profiles, with the aim of helping lawyers better evaluate expert witnesses.

The integration is between Docket Alarm, a Fastcase-owned product that mines federal and…

Partnership Between Wolters Kluwer and Courtroom Insight Enhances Labor Arbitration Research


A new partnership between Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. and Courtroom Insight will provide easier access to labor arbitrators’ awards and biographies.

From within Courtroom Insight, users are now able to  access WK’s database of labor arbitration content, which includes arbitrators’ awards and relevant biographical information.

WK’s Labor Arbitration Awards collection…

New Site Provides Ratings of Experts and Neutrals


A new Web site launched today, Courtroom Insight, that provides lawyer reviews of expert witnesses, mediators, arbitrators and litigation consultants. The site is a simple-to-search directory of experts, neutrals and consultants. For anyone listed in the directory, registered users can submit ratings and reviews of their services.…