Hanzo, a company whose products help enterprise legal, governance and compliance teams manage collaboration and web-based data, has introduced a new version of its legal hold product, formerly Hanzo Hold, that comes with a new name, Hanzo Illuminate, and new features for more quickly and easily capturing dynamic and interactive web data and identifying risks within that data.

Hanzo Illuminate is an easy-to-use enterprise solution that allows organizations to preserve data in place and collect, investigate, cull, analyze, and export dynamic collaboration data efficiently and defensibly, to support e-discovery and investigation teams, the company says.

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The product now includes Hanzo’s Dynamic Capture technology designed to preserve hard-to-capture sources such as dynamic websites and SaaS sources that may not have APIs or where the API does not provide needed information. It can capture data from websites with interactive features such as sliders, videos, drop-downs, forms, personalized customer journeys, and SaaS systems, the company says.

The product now also adds Spotlight Search, which enables rapid identification of data containing sensitive data such as personal identification information, payment information, health information, access credentials, trade secrets and toxic language.

While I have not seen the new Hanzo Illuminate, according to Hanzo, it provides enterprises with:

  • Automatic data preview of communication ecosystem and early case assessment.  Dynamic Mapping technology enables users to preview Slack and other communications sources structures and target collections, while new detection and visualization tools aid in identification based on metadata or file content and narrow relevant datasets for export to leading review platforms, Hanzo says.
  • Single-point data management of Google Workspace and Slack. Hanzo Illuminate allows users to create and release legal holds in Slack or Google Workspace without collecting a single file, while removing bottlenecks between IT, legal, and investigations teams.
  • Complete picture of collaboration data. Hanzo defensibly preserves and collects digital communications from Slack, Google Workspace, Jira, Asana, and other SaaS platforms, as well as internal systems, while maintaining the context of conversations, including the user interface, attachments, emoji, and metadata.
  • Rapid risk mitigation with Spotlight Search. Hanzo identifies message content containing PII, PCI, PHI, access credentials, trade secrets, and toxic language. Understanding message content allows internal investigation teams or IT departments to locate sensitive information and uncover unwanted workplace behavior quickly.

“Corporate legal, compliance, governance, HR, IT, and data security teams are all interested in reducing their data footprint and degreasing their risk, cost, and exposure, all while improving the utility of the data they have,” said Dave Ruel, head of product for Hanzo. “Hanzo is innovating to provide solutions to help each of these teams better understand what is in their data and manage it accordingly.”

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