Legal research service Fastcase is announcing today a partnership with TransUnion that will give its subscribers access to public records information and analytics for individuals and businesses via TransUnion’s TLOxp platform.

The partnership will provide Fastcase subscribers with single sign-on access to information such as addresses, phones, places of employment, professional licenses, criminal records, bankruptcies, liens, assets, relatives, associations, and more.

Lawyers can use the information to perform due diligence, conduct litigation support, locate witnesses, track ownership of assets, verify identities, and conduct other investigations.

The integration will be available in Fastcase 7 when it comes out of beta sometime later this month or early in April. When a user conducts a search within Fastcase that involves an individual or company, Fastcase will offer the user the option of extending that search to TransUnion’s public records.

To access the public records information, Fastcase subscribers will need a separate subscription to TLOxp. When they first sign up for a subscription, they will also need to be authenticated by TransUnion before being allowed access. Once approved, they will be able to access the TLOxp platform without requiring a separate login and password.

TLOxp offers three levels of pricing:

  • Transactional, for firms with low search volumes.
  • Per seat, offering discounts for fixed numbers of users.
  • Flat rate, with pricing based on a minimum volume but no limit on users.

The TLOxp platform also provides analytics tools that enable users to map connection points among their search subjects and relatives, associates, companies and others. For businesses, these tools help users find subsidiaries, DBAs, UCC filings, owners and officers, board members, bankruptcies, liens, court records and more.

The TLOxp platform allows users to search this data in three ways:

  • User interface, for standard searches one by one.
  • Batch, allowing hundreds of thousands of records to be run at once, a feature the company says is popular with class action and mass tort attorneys.
  • API, also allowing users to run hundreds of thousands of records at once.

Among the types of data available in TLOxp are:

  • Social security numbers.
  • Dates of birth and death.
  • Drivers’ licenses.
  • Addresses and phones.
  • Military service.
  • Linkages among people, businesses and assets.
  • Relatives.
  • Voter registration.
  • Hunting permits.
  • Weapon permits.
  • Social media.
  • Criminal records.
  • Business information regarding liens, judgements, bankruptcies, UCC filings, criminal records of principals.
  • Owner of email address or phone number.

Steve Errick, chief operating officer at Fastcase, told me yesterday that this partnership is another step in the company’s push to provide a comprehensive legal research platform. “Our customers have been asking us for this,” he said, adding that he has already heard strong interest from subscribers at both smaller and larger firms.

Future plans call for the two companies to more tightly integrate the public records data within Fastcase and to jointly develop additional tools for accessing and analyzing the data, Errick said.

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