Startup Alley: Legal Ninja

Legal Ninja

Elevator Pitch: We help law firms triple their efficiency by replacing manual data entry tasks with automation. Legal assistants must manually do tasks based on certain triggers, such as the receipt of a document. With Legal Ninja, they create a template of what they want done in the case management program, such as creating calendar entries, updating custom fields, add notes, generate document templates and tasks lists. Hit submit and all the work is done for you automatically.

What makes you unique or innovative?

Our software automates multiple repetitive actions being done within the user’s case management system. It can be used with any type of law firm. It allows the user to be three times faster than doing the work manually.

What problem do you solve? It automates the boring, repetitive manual data entry and work done by legal assistants in a case management system.

Your competitors? Some people are creating specific software per user, but our software can be used with any user.

Demo video:

Founded: 4/19/2022, Laguna Beach, California

Target customer. Mid-Sized to large litigation law firms

Price.  Free tier of 10 automations per month; 100 automations for $97/months; 500 automations for $397/month

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? Less than $1M/Less than $1M

Number of users/paying customers? < 100/< 20

Traction to date. We launched recently. We have several law firms currently using our system.

Plan for growth over next five years. We plan to add other case management systems we connect with and add improvements based on customer feedback.

Outside funding. No outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. Our company has 5 employees of 4 different nationalities.