LinkSquares Adds AI Capabilities to its Pre-Signature Contract Tool, Creating End-to-End AI CLM Platform


In June 2020, I reported on the launch by LinkSquares of LinkSquares Finalize, a pre-signature contract drafting and review product to complement its original product, LinkSquares Analyze, an AI-based, post-signature contract management and analysis platform, creating an end-to-end offering of products for drafting, reviewing and managing corporate contracts.

Now, LinkSquares is announcing the enhancement…

G2 Names Leaders in Contract Lifecycle Management Software


One of the hottest segments of legal tech is contract lifecycle management, which is becoming an increasingly competitive market with numerous vendors jockeying for their share, and where there has been a spate of notable investments over the past year, including the $100 million funding of Ironclad at a valuation of nearly $1 billion.


AI CLM Company LinkSquares Raises $40M, Says It Will Soon Release First-of-its-Kind Product


LinkSquares, a Boston-based, AI-powered contract lifecycle management and analysis company founded in 2015, has raised $40 million in a Series B funding round, bringing its total raise to date to $61.4 million.

This latest round was led by existing investor Sorenson Capital and joined by new investors Catalyst Investors, Xerox, Bottomline Technologies, DraftKings’ founders,…

New Product from AI Contract Management Company LinkSquares Covers the Contract Creation Process


LinkSquares, a Boston-based company that provides an AI-based contract management and analysis platform for corporate legal departments, is today announcing the roll-out later this month of a product that extends its platform to the pre-signature, contract-generation process, to offer enterprises an end-to-end platform for drafting, reviewing and managing contracts.

The company says that the…