In a pair of AI announcements this week, LexisNexis said that it has significantly enhanced the speed and capabilities of its Lexis+ AI legal AI Assistant, and also that it has launched the commercial preview of Nexis+ AI within its Nexis news and business information research service.

LexisNexis first released Lexis+ AI for general availability last October. It uses large language models to answer legal research questions, summarize legal issues, and generate legal document drafts.

Now, the company says it is beginning to roll out the second-generation of its AI Assistant, which it says will be faster, have new capabilities, and have greater capacity. These improvements are slated to be available to customers in early May.

Specifically, Lexis Nexis said, the enhancements will include:

  • Faster delivery of results. AI-generated answers will be delivered word-by-word as they are generated, instead of all at once when they are completed, to make the experience seem faster and more conversational. LexisNexis says its AI Assistant will return results two times faster than the nearest competitor.
  • More prompts allowed in a conversation. Previously, users were limited to five interactions — essentially follow-up questions — with the AI Assistant in a single conversation. That has been increased to 10.
  • Conversational guidance for drafting. Lexis+ AI will now provide tailored, step-by-step recommendations that anticipate questions and guide users to leverage answers directly in drafting work such as emails, letters, arguments, clauses, and memos.
  • Added delivery options. New delivery options for conversations include email, download and print.
  • AI-generated statute summaries. LexisNexis says it is the first in the legal market to provide AI-generated summaries of U.S. federal and state statutes. These summaries are also available to the public via the LexisNexis U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center.
  • Increased document upload capacity. The document upload limit has been increased to 400,000 characters per request, or approximately 150 pages.
  • Improved user experience. LexisNexis says it has refined the user experience to improve readability, ease-of-use, and aesthetics.

The New Nexis+ AI

Meanwhile, over on its Nexis side, LexisNexis yesterday announced the commercial preview of Nexis+ AI, bringing generative AI capabilities to Nexis to enhance corporate research, business development, and decision-making.

The Nexis service provides access to more than 25,000 news publications and data on millions of companies worldwide. Nexis+ AI will provide enhanced research, intelligence and document summarization features within the Nexis platform.

For now, it is available only to a limited set of corporate customers. Their feedback will be incorporated into the launch of the final product sometime later this year.

Although I have not seen a demonstration of this, LexisNexis said that Nexis+ AI will enhance users’ ability to:

  • More quickly research and analyze business, financial and legal information and news.
  • Summarize lengthy documents and extract relevant entities and data points.
  • Compile, organize and share content.
  • Create customizable draft reports or outlines with a single click.
  • Derive actionable insights with speed and precision.

LexisNexis says that Nexis+ AI mitigates the risk of hallucinations by running queries against data and content from trusted, credible publishers. Similar to Lexis+ AI, results delivered in Nexis+ AI link back to the original documents cited, so the user can verify accuracy.

In addition, the company said, all Nexis+ AI sessions are hosted in dedicated, secure cloud environments. The system purges all uploaded documents, queries, and prompts at the end of each user session, and no data or content is ever used to train core AI models on the open Web.

Also worth noting is that Nexis legally licenses all its news content, protecting the copyrights and intellectual property of publishers’ content. That means that it can deliver generative AI results with direct links to the source content, while also enhancing monetization opportunities for the publishers.

In addition to the commercial preview program, LexisNexis has announced its Nexis+ AI Insider Program, a collaborative community of professionals seeking ways to leverage generative AI technologies for their organizations. Business professionals who sign up can be among the first to learn about new AI developments from LexisNexis.

Those interested in joining the Nexis+ AI Insider program can register at this page.

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