Drum roll please. We’ve been counting readers’ votes to select the 15 legal technology startups that will get to participate in the third-annual Startup Alley at the American Bar Association’s TECHSHOW conference, which is Feb. 27 to March 2, 2019, in Chicago.  Voting ended Friday night and now we are pleased to announce the winners.

These 15 startups will be provided space at a steeply discounted cost to exhibit their product or service in the special Startup Alley located within TECHSHOW’s exhibit hall. In addition, each startup will face off in an opening night pitch competition judged by an audience of TECHSHOW attendees. The winner of the pitch competition wins a package of marketing and advertising prizes, as described here.

Here are the winners in order of their vote tallies. The descriptions were provided by each company. The full ballot with more-detailed descriptions is here.

  1. Lawble. Lawble is legal triage that works. Many access-to-justice experts have called for a legal triage that would assess clients’ needs and route them to the right resources efficiently, helping pro bono clinics and courts more effectively deal with the overwhelming number of legal clients in need. Lawble is that legal triage. We use natural language processing AI, algorithmic and OCR income verification, and multi-organizational distribution logic to provide access to justice for all. 
  2. DataNovo. DataNovo offers a patented SaaS platform powered by AI to provide patent-specific solutions that include: (1) licensing analytics that map patents to commercial products to identify potential patent infringers and infringing products, and (2) prior art analytics to identify unique prior art to every U.S. patent. These AI solutions help patent owners secure licensing opportunities and obtain stronger patents, and patent infringers design better products and defeat frivolous patent lawsuits.
  3. dealWIP. dealWIP is a cloud-based software application offering a secure, multi-party workspace, and a suite of diligence collaboration tools, designed to increase transparency during the due diligence process, slash the total amount time spent on project management tasks, and significantly reduce the risk that a critical issue or document gets lost in the shuffle.
  4. DocStyle LLC. Have you ever received a PDF file and needed to turn it into a properly formatted Word document, only to realize that you’re facing a lengthy manual process? DocStyle automates and professionally structures both Word and PDF files by interpreting formatting and applying proper Word styles in a single process. Intelligent paragraph recognition has been engineered for a highly accurate reproduction of the original content. Recapture those lost billable hours and expedite document drafting today!
  5. Connective Counsel. Connective Counsel is a legal technology platform that eliminates friction between clients and law firms. In 2015, our founders went to the market to find a client portal that focused on client needs. We couldn’t find anything that fit our clients’ needs, so we built it ourselves. Our mission is to create the platform where law and innovation connect clients to their law firms and to build the platform you need to become the law firm of the future.
  6. WarRoom. WarRoom helps lawyers better prepare for trial. Lawyers use WarRoom to highlight and tag deposition testimony – just like you would highlight a book on your Kindle. Key testimony is automatically organized by witness and issue into trial-ready summaries. WarRoom also allows lawyers to collaborate on testimony in real time without any additional software to install.
  7. JurisBytes. Have you ever secretly wished your clients would stop nagging you over all the little details of their cases? Of course you have! JurisMS helps relieve that burden by providing a simplified and secure text-messaging platform that encourages communication and client care while making your life easier.
  8. OurChildInfo.com. OCI is a permanent, non-deletable messaging system for parents to communicate after separation. Only the two parents. No ability to delete, manipulate, alter, or backdate any posts. Memorialize agreements, exchange documents, bills, school records and events, medical appointments, eliminate the he said/she said. No cost to judges, clerks, mediators, or attorneys. Permanent confirmed repository of communication between parents to preserve the record.
  9. TrialLine. TrialLine is a cloud-based mediation, trial presentation and storytelling legal timeline tool for law firms and attorneys that want maximum insight into their cases. Create customized legal timelines that clearly and convincingly communicate the important details of your case, and display them in easy-to-understand, event-by-event detail. Attach supporting documents directly to each event on the timeline, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere there is an internet connection.
  10. Kinnami Software Corporation. Kinnami is a cloud software company that tackles the problem of lack of trust in the digital world. Our blockhain-based platform safeguards data provenance by enhancing data verification and auditability. AmiStamp provides an easy way to create fingerprints of digital assets that cannot be falsified. It can be used to establish ownership (IP, copyrights, trade secrets) as well as to authenticate that data has not be altered in subsequent stages of collaboration (e.g. contracts, research).
  11. Fixi Subscription Plans. Fixi Subscription Plans helps law firms offer and service subscription-based legal services to the clients they serve. Our software integrates with your existing website and allows customers to sign up online, access a customer portal to utilize the services you offer them and manages payments so that you can focus on growing your subscriber base. This allows you to create recurring revenue in turn facilitating exponential growth.
  12. WyzeWaze. WyzeWaze streamlines data from contract to closing. Once the data is automatically extracted into our system, we can seamlessly push the data to the necessary documents needed to facilitate a real estate closing. Read emails, manage your calendar and events, run activity reports, populate templates, add contacts to your CRM, order title and task manage files and more all under one roof for pennies a day. Don’t ever leave WyzeWaze we have robust integrations. Work smarter, not harder!
  13. HelpSelf Legal. We’re B2B document automation software for complex, logic-based workflows. Essentially, if your firm wants to create a TurboTax-like workflow for anything, you use our AI-assisted platform to do so. Lawyers use our platform to automate their own expertise or to increase efficiency and automate their internal work.
  14. dtour.life. The first SaaS platform in family law that streamlines the collection, organization and analysis of case data with secure digital collaboration. Features include digital in-take form, real-time download of bank and credit card transactions for instant cash-flow, and documents attached to assets and debts. Lawyers and clients can manage the day-to-day workflow of a case from a dashboard; lawyers value the efficiency, collaboration with their clients and meeting the demand for technology solutions.
  15. EffortlessLegal. EffortlessLegal brings the power of AI and machine learning to law firms. Our software automates various aspects of legal work to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming processes. This includes computer-assisted billing to increase realization rates, automated LEDES coding, crowdfunding, LEDES invoice format conversions, client intake process automation and budget automation. We integrate with many billing and practice management platforms eliminating the need to migrate data or disrupt your workflow.

Note to winners: You will be receiving emails from us with more details and event logistics.

Congratulations to all!

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