After three years of attending the Clio Cloud Conference, the jazzy, New Orleans legal tech conference hosted by leading cloud-based practice management software provider Clio, Billie Tarascio had had it. Not with the conference, but with being the only staffer from the firm she owns, Modern Law, to attend. So last year, she packed everyone up and headed to The Big Easy for what proved to be “one of the best decisions” she ever made.

This year, the Modern Law team is doing it again.

“You can’t attend every session,” Tarascio explained. “Our employees want to feel like they can make a difference, and they want to feel like they’re growing.”

The Clio Cloud Conference features two days of keynote speakers and incredible educational sessions. Combine that with nourishing food and wellness activities, and the conference definitely offers the kind of growth Modern Law’s employees were looking for, particularly the support professionals who make the back end work.

“Especially for the staff, paralegals and non-lawyers,” Tarascio said. “[Clio Cloud Conference is] a way that would make them really excited about investing in the infrastructure of the law firm.”

Beyond much-appreciated professional development, the Clio Cloud Conference’s exciting NOLA location makes it an ideal perch for the Arizona-based law firm staff to both grow as a team and have fun.

“[The Clio Cloud Conference] is something that my team looks forward to all year,” Tarascio said. “In some ways, it’s a retention tool [for Modern Law].

“It’s so well-organized that I could not, as a law firm owner, put together anything like that in terms of the whole package—the food, the fun, the entertainment, and then the structure of the content.”

You only need to check out the Clio Cloud Conference 2018 agenda to get a taste of what makes this legal conference such a can’t-miss event for Modern Law’s staff. The first activity for the first day of the conference isn’t a boring networking breakfast, but a morning run through New Orleans’ vibrant Central Business District.

After a keynote from Clio’s CEO and Co-founder, Jack Newton, participants start to explore presentations in one of four actionable tracks: Legal Technology, Business of Law, Clio University: Lectures, and Clio University: Seminars. Blockchain, mobile tech, a “billing bootcamp,” and a networking pop-up are all on the agenda, and attendees can choose to stick to one track, or bounce between multiple. The conference wraps up with a closing keynote from Bryan Stevenson, Founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, MacArthur fellow, and New York Times best-selling author.

Each night, Clio hosts “After Dark” events, which have become iconic among the throng of legal professionals who make heading to Clio each year a necessity, like Modern Law.

It’s these opportunities to make meaningful connections with like-minded attorneys that stood out to Tarascio the first time she attended the Clio Cloud Conference five years ago.

“It was the first time that I met other lawyers that thought the way I did,” Tarascio remembered.

“[At the Clio Cloud Conference], all these lawyers around the country shared this vision for the future of lawyers and legal tech. It was a really mind-blowing experience.”

Modern Law never misses out on the Clio Cloud Conference, and neither should you. Bring your firm today with the code LAWSITES, and get 35% off single conference passes.

“The Clio Cloud Conference has cemented its standing as a must-attend annual legal technology conference.” – Bob Ambrogi, LawSites Blog