Winners have been announced for Round One of the Global Legal Hackathon. They will now go on to Round Two, which takes place on March 11. The final round and announcement of global winners takes place April 21 in New York.

Organizers of the event also released final numbers on participation:

  • Participating cities = 40.
  • Participating countries = 22.
  • Estimated participants world-wide = upwards of 5,000.
  • Estimated number of teams: between 600 and 1,000.
Argentina (Buenos Aires) Atticus A Machine Learning System that creates, manages, administrates and reviews contracts, combined with a marketplace that allows their purchase and sale.
Australia (Melbourne) Law Bud Improving access to justice by reducing administrative burden on CLCs.
Australia (Sydney) CourtCover No description available.
Brazil (Belo Horizonte) Appriori A platform as a service that provide a fast, accurate and intelligent way to analyze and summarize contracts during a due diligence process, applying artificial intelligence to process Brazilian Portuguese language.
Brazil (Florianópolis) APRESENTE-SE An innovative solution for remote presentation to justice in a secure and fast way.
Canada (Calgary, AB) Record Keeping Record Keeping
Canada (Montreal, QC) (Winner Not Submitted) No description available.
Canada (Ottawa, ON) 2Sign Voice-driven contracts
Canada (Toronto, ON) Trademark Pro Trademark pre-scanning. Machine learning algorithm.
Canada (Vancouver, BC) AH (aka Ambiguity Highlighter) Highlighting ambiguous text in contracts
China (Guangzhou) Far-Go-Go We built a new platform based on blockchain and AI technologies , providing one-stop images copyright protection for Chinese users
China (Hong Kong) Decoding Law A machine learning powred browser plugin that helps people to read and understand legislation. It breaks down complex legislative drafting into simple language and explains defined terms, which is particularly useful to unrepresented litigants.
China (Shanghai) TEEMO Sentencing Assistant System Based on Machine Learning and Knowledge Graph
Egypt (Alexandria) Elzero Team It a solution that will contact the user with the lawyer dependent on lawyer rate and specialize and user location to get most nearly lawyer in his location and give the lawyer the permission to finish his job freelancing.
Germany (Berlin) Sondier.AI Find consensus between parties of a dispute through a digital, algorithmic mediation process
Hungary (Budapest) Closers Discovery GDPR application – the idea is to create an mobile application, through which user can ask for the data/info stored about them at different data controllers, also through the app, user can request deletion of all data. The app receives and process data given about the user and create visual information about for example profiling info, etc.
India (New Delhi) (Winner Not Submitted) No description available.
Israel (Tel Aviv – Jaffa) Robota A bot which enables people to file independent claims at Israel’s labor courts
Italy (Milan) Discussion Group Only Location was a discussion group only, it did not compete in the Global Legal Hackathon.
Nigeria (Lagos) Team Lemon Project Lemonaid. Electronically facilitate access to criminal justice by increasing the turnaround time for delivery of pro-bono legal services through collating, analyzing, and collaborating on existing case data.
Poland (Warsaw) BlokEkipa NGO, App that enables free legal assistance from young lawyers for woman violence.
Romania (Bucharest) Crowd Case Building an online marketplace for litigation investment, targeting the EU market where investors can bid financial resources in exchange for a percentage in the settlement earnings, thus creating an ecosystem where we bridge the gap between plaintiffs, investors and lawyers.
Singapore (Singapore) Regall Smart document organization that suits your needs – visual representation of relationships between documents, dynamic checklists, document management system
South Africa (Johannesburg) SoLaw SoLaw is a social media-style platform which provides access to legal resources and facilitates interactions with legal professionals at an affordable price for end users, while reducing the cost of acquisition and case loads for lawyers.
Spain (Madrid) Cuatrecasas Panopticon is a blockchain based solution to provide certainty on employment and human rights compliance across cross-border supply chains. Our team has the ambition to support the efforts of multinationals to end abusive labor conditions. This solution gathers data on site in order to guarantee the efficient enforcement of contractual clauses through smart contracts. In particular, clauses embedded in supply agreements entered into between multinational companies and subcontractors based in jurisdictions without reliable enforcement mechanisms.
Sweden (Stockholm) LawLess An innovative AI-powered language-agnostic app for fast and reliable legal advice.
Ukraine (Kharkiv) Law and Events Dive in law events, be close to justice
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) (Winner Not Submitted) No description available.
United Kingdom (London) Team PM Enable partners to invest stake in innovation ideas through a blockchain.
USA (Boston, MA) Team I95 The project uses browser extensions to capture questions and answers and store them securely in the cloud. Other organizations with the extension can auto populate similar questions significantly reducing client frustration and intake time.
USA (Chicago, IL) TeamALA Using an ALA-developed code set to automatically capture and record process and task data to improve the efficiency, quality and value of delivering legal services.
USA (Cleveland, OH) INCO-herent Our mission is to provide a clear understanding of how to choose and verify appropriate use of INCOterms when buying or selling across international borders to more accurately capture costs and risks. INCOtelligent smart contracts help your business navigate INCOterms for international purchasing contracts. By using a set of guided questions, INCOtelligent smart contracts help you select the right INCOterm for your business
USA (Dayton, OH) WonderBot Low income, self-help tool to help young lawyers be more effective on pro bono cases.
USA (Denver, CO) LexLucid Want to know what’s in your contract? Just ask LexLucid. LexLucid is an online platform that enables attorneys to grade consumer contracts on their general fairness so that consumers are aware of the terms to which they agree.
USA (Los Angeles, CA) HelpSelf The product helps people who have been convicted of a misdemeanor for marijuana use file an expungement automatically using an online application that simplifies the process.
USA (New York, NY) Rights Now Siri for legal
USA (Provo, UT) Legal Concierge A chat bot that answers the fundamental question: do I need a lawyer?
USA (San Francisco, CA) Spicekit Spicekit is a decentralized platform that enables collective legal action by deploying secure smart-contract-bounties and streamlining collection of evidence. The platform is a trustless way to fund class action lawsuits – we are starting with fraudulent-ICOs.
USA (Seattle, WA) Bodywatch Blockchain enabled bodycam footage upload and storage for police and lawsuit evidentiary matters.
USA (State College, PA) Lexicons Quick and efficient way to simplify written and verbal notes for international law students.

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