What does Google “think” of you? Find out via Googlism, a fun tool that searches Google to arrive at a characterization of a person, place or thing.

Take me for instance. Googlism reports: “robert ambrogi is a prolific writer on internet legal issues who works in alternative dispute resolution in massachussetts.” (OK, so Googlism doesn’t know how to spell Massachusetts.)

What about some other members of the Law.com blog network? For some, Googlism is right on:

For others, it is more cryptic in its response:

  • joy london is seated with her back to the camera

For several, it has not formed an opinion:

While for Lisa Stone, it has way too much to say, although only one line is recognizable to me as being THE Lisa Stone:

  • lisa stone is a well
  • lisa stone is the creator and president of fit for 2
  • lisa stone is exactly the kind of coach drake university wants
  • lisa stone is confident that
  • lisa stone is the founder and president of fit for 2
  • lisa stone is ready to bring drake’s women’s basketball team to the next level of competition
  • lisa stone is a 21st century woman who loves history but because of her mother’s illness the closest she comes to working in the profession is cleaning in a
  • lisa stone is involved in the preservation
  • lisa stone is an ace
  • lisa stone is responsible for scheduling of tests and surgeries
  • lisa stone is the founder of ‘fit for 2’
  • lisa stone is confident that swing player jayme anderson
  • lisa stone is wrapping up her second season of production with sjmc and dtc
  • lisa stone is a hard working young woman
  • lisa stone is a certified fitness instructor through the american council on exercise
  • lisa stone is in her first season as a division i head coach
  • lisa stone is in her first season at the helm of the bulldogs and has a 277
  • lisa stone is epregnancy’s fitness expert
  • lisa stone is a historian in chicago who has studied fraternal organizations
  • lisa stone is the latest to try to devise a way to stop stiles and the high
  • lisa stone is planning an exciting craft program
  • lisa stone is our next recipient from baylor university
  • lisa stone is a 2002 nieman fellow in journalism at harvard university
  • lisa stone is in her 11th year with the blugolds and has a 264
  • lisa stone is wearing an outdated remote control
  • lisa stone is a force inside

As for Michael Fox, either he is a very busy and widely traveled man or there are many who bear his name. Googlism returned more than 80 statements about people named Michael Fox. Among them:

  • michael fox is a sydney architect and access consultant
  • michael fox is the catch of the century
  • michael fox is a director of access australia
  • michael fox is considered a leading expert in ecotourism and the travel and tourism industry
  • michael fox is a person of great compassion and commitment to the welfare of all life
  • michael fox is the town superintendent of highways in the town of carrollton highway department in carrollton town
  • michael fox is a veterinarian who has worked extensively in animal reform
  • michael fox is host of independent view
  • michael fox is the president and ceo of aci ventures
  • michael fox is president of me fox & company
  • michael fox is a chicago native and corporate attorney
  • michael fox is this years deputy lord mayor
  • michael fox is the international bar association’s representative for israel
  • michael fox is a bay area journalist and critic who has written about film and the arts for more than 30 regional and national publications since
  • michael fox is surely currently the chief sage amongst the modern interpreters of biblical wisdom literature
  • michael fox is a partner in haynes and boone llp’s austin office
  • michael fox is staff engineer for sun microsystems
  • michael fox is a dispatcher supervisor at san bernardino police department
  • michael fox is the development lead for the express delivery toolset at computer associates and has been working with unicenter tng since its
  • michael fox is chairman of the ri commission on technology and
  • michael fox is a veterinarian and syndicated newspaper columnist with doctoral degrees in medical science and ethology/animal behavior
  • michael fox is an environmental sciences and biology professor and roger jones
  • michael fox is lucky
  • michael fox is business development consultant focused on building valuation
  • michael fox is billed as “coroner”
  • michael fox is the managing director of national association of scuba diving
  • michael fox is a wonderful guy
  • michael fox is convinced serotek can do well by doing good
  • michael fox is in the us air force and living in tampa
  • michael fox is the artistic/technical director
  • michael fox is a member of tassc’s advisory board
  • michael fox is vice president of farm animals and bioethics of the hsus
  • michael fox is president of the aspen club & spa
  • michael fox is the liaison between the ead working group and ica/cds
  • michael fox is a former state assemblyman from ohio
  • michael fox is the one brave enough to disobey orders and refuse to participate
  • michael fox is not currently available
  • michael fox is an interesting syndicated column
  • michael fox is visibly furious at the fact that such an agreement was reached
  • michael fox is a musician and entertainer and is the director and administrator of the allan vincent
  • michael fox is chairman of the caribbean regional network

So who does Google think you are?

Photo of Bob Ambrogi Bob Ambrogi

Bob is a lawyer, veteran legal journalist, and award-winning blogger and podcaster. In 2011, he was named to the inaugural Fastcase 50, honoring “the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries and leaders.” Earlier in his career, he was editor-in-chief of several legal publications, including The National Law Journal, and editorial director of ALM’s Litigation Services Division.