Startup Alley: FlexFile


Elevator Pitch: Lawyers are universally under equipped to deal with the ever-increasing number of evidence formats present in the modern digital landscape. Stop manually converting files and struggling with cloud services. We’re an eDiscovery company building a new product: FlexFile, a SAAS that gives lawyers the power to easily gather and convert any kind of digital evidence. Whether used by itself or integrated into existing workflows & apps, FlexFile can help lawyers everywhere be 10x more productive.

What makes you unique or innovative? Firms can integrate their existing workflows with the product right out of the box. No complicated technical barriers In addition to powerful AI to support practically every social media platform, mobile device, email inbox, and file. Any user can add their own conversion methods to the platform, while also allowing developers of other legal apps to integrate with us. Designed from the ground up to be accessible and flexible for firms of all sizes.

What problem do you solve? Lawyers everywhere being nearly universally under equipped to deal with the ever-increasing number of evidence formats present in the modern digital landscape, FlexFile is a new and innovative solution to that problem. Existing solutions are either tiresome manual processes or platform-specific implementations that don’t give lawyers the flexibility they need.

Your competitors? Nuix Automation and Relativity Automated Workflows.

Demo video:

Founded: 3/15/2021, Rochester, NY

Target customer. JDocs originally targeted small firms and solo practitioners for its eDiscovery solution however FlexFile is aimed towards small and large firms dealing with any kind of digital evidence. Example paying customers: a solo practitioner in New Orleans who also teaches law and a small law firm in New Jersey that’s around 5 lawyers. (contact information available upon request)

Price.  Free tier with 700 conversion minutes per month. Past that: 1,000 conversion minutes per month for $8/month. (One standard conversion like image to pdf is 1 conversion minute, specialized conversions like iPhone text messages or social media accounts can cost more)

Expected 2022/2023 gross revenue? Less than $1M/Less than $1M

Number of users/paying customers? < 100/< 20

Traction to date. JDocs as an eDiscovery service is slowing gaining traction with small firms in its Beta testing stage. FlexFile as a product has received great feedback from demos presented to ideal customers. A beta sign-up list is being created and released shortly.

Plan for growth over next five years. We’re planning on continuing our beta testing the JDocs eDiscovery platform and building its customer base. FlexFile will be designed to easily integrate with JDocs eDiscovery, so we expect many of our eDiscovery users to use FlexFile. Of course, FlexFile can be used as an independent product and once we finish its development, we plan on visiting legal technology tradeshows around the country and distributing free product trials we’re confident in the products value. After we see initial traction and perfect the product the plan is to work with a sales and marketing firm to assist in its growth.

Outside funding. Less than $1M in outside funding

Describe any ways in which your company is diverse or promotes diversity. We’re a deaf and neurodivergent owned business. We have deaf employees and welcome people from all backgrounds to help cultivate a more diverse set of ideas.